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Starting Thursday: Fabric $4/yd and Bead Room, etc 60% off

Monica's Message
A Message from Monica
(760) 772-2400

Hello, Everyone!

   I’ve had a relaxing time away with Patric and now it's time to get back to business. I knew there were fierce winds while I was gone, but my goodness! The evidence is all over the place at home! Sand, sand, sand—besides unpacking and laundry we have a bunch of sweeping and dusting to do…we should probably put our masks on in the house. It really doesn’t seem very fair to leave a clean house and come home to a dirty one. Just sayin’….
    The shop is still open Thursday thru Saturday from 10 to 3. We are down to the end of the fabric and it’s time to make the rest of it go away. We’re marking it down to $4/yd! Same deal—1 yard cut minimum off the bolt.
    Everything in the bead room, notions, books, etc are now 60% off! There will also be some special buys on beads—come in or call for a virtual tour. All will be marked with signs.

  Here is the scoop again on how to contact staff members who are teaching and/or have services to offer. Click here to download it as a file you can print and save. We’ve also posted it on our website.
   There are still fixtures, shelves and display items available--come say hi and see if anything we have will help you organize your workroom. Mary says she picked up a bunch of small plastic baskets and now can't imagine why she didn't do it sooner. Besides quilting she likes to play with all kinds of mixed media stuff. Here's what she told me. "I've been making mini journals and the baskets are keeping my work surface clear. I've got tags and embellishments in one basket, fibers and fabric scraps in another, adhesives in another and punches/cutting tools in another. When I'm ready to return my work surface to a cutting table, I'll just empty the baskets and use them to help with the next project. I'm so happy not to be wasting time searching for something I just had in my hand!"

   Do come say "hello" and help us say good-bye to the wonderful things we still have left.

                    HOURS:          Thursday through Saturday 10-3.

PLEASE CALL THE SHOP AND CHECK BEFORE YOU COME. We don’t want anyone disappointed or upset if you come and we are closed.  

    Happy creating--


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