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Extra 10% off gemstone bundles!

Monica's Message
A Message from Monica
(760) 77-2400 c

Note from Mary: I heard from several people (including Monica!) that they did not get the email last week, so I'm sending it again. My apologies, whether it didn't show up or you got it twice!

Well, good morning everyone!
    Well, I guess this afternoon I will work in the yard—it’s so nice up here in the high desert. All my bulbs are blooming. I just love it. So, here goes this week’s Message!
    It’s my second week of being semi-retired and I finished my third quilt to send to the Ukrainians. I am having a blast. Plus I’m going to finish the cross stitch project that I started for my granddaughter Riley. She’s going to be five in August—I can hardly believe it!
    I am only in the store Thursdays and Fridays now. Patric and I have plans for a 2-week trip to Costa Rica. This semi-retirement thing is really working for me!
    The girls and I have been working hard on the bead room. Things are definitely moving but we still have lots of gem strands and findings. So, we decided to bundle different strands in the same color and sell them as bundles for an additional 10% off. I want my customers out of the area to be able to get in on some of these specials too—call or email ( to set up a call with one of us. Tell us the color family or stones you would like to see and we’ll use the camera on our phones to show you what’s available. One of our customers was here when we started putting them together. She bought six bundles on the spot and came back the next day to buy two more! I think we’ll do the same thing with some of the findings. The bundles pictured may already be sold but there are plenty more!
   Fabric is slowly dwindling down but we still have a nice selection at just $6 a yard. Florals, some Halloween and Christmas, wood grain, novelty prints—we even have some anti-microbial fabric left that is perfect for masks, scrubs, surgical caps and more. There are a few of these fun mini-mosaic patterns left. They look complicated but are really easy—and kind of addicting! Each pattern includes instructions, foundation, fusible and netting to make the wall hanging. We also have some that include the fabric! At 50% off these are too good to pass up.
   There are a few pattern bundles and spools of thread at blow out prices plus quite a few display items and fixtures.
   Besides, we'd love to see you!

 NEW HOURS:                    Thursday through Saturday 10-3.

PLEASE CALL THE SHOP AND CHECK BEFORE YOU COME. We don’t want anyone disappointed or upset if you come and we are closed.


    Happy creating--


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