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Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10 to 3

Monica's Message
A Message from Monica
(760) 772-2400

Well, good morning everyone!
    It’s Tuesday morning, the weather is cool with a light breeze, and I’m sitting at home sewing. Feels kind of funny. Yesterday I sewed all day too--for 9 hours! I talked on the phone with Catherine Pettiti and Evelia--for no reason! Just to chat!  I think I’m gonna love this retirement thing. But I’m also looking forward to being back at the store on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I’ve never not worked so it’s a little strange to be home so much.
    If you haven’t made it to the store yet or you just want to come and pick up a few more things, you still have time. We have some wonderful fabric at $6 a yard and the thread and patterns are an unbelievable bargain. Last week Mary wrote a little description of the thread we have left so you can see how to use it—here it is again. Stock up on basics and try something new!

Sulky Blendables, 12 wt and 30 wt cotton, variegated. This heavier, decorative thread is meant to be seen! Use it for top stitching, quilting and more. Use a Topstitch size 90/14 needle in your machine, loosen the top tension a bit and stitch away. $2 each
Mettler, 50wt & 40wt, cotton, solid color. 50 wt (purple top) is your everyday sewing/piecing thread. 40 wt. (brown top) is a bit heavier—top stitching, quilting and more. Use a size 80/12 universal needle for general sewing. When using for free motion, you many prefer a size 90/12 topstitch, quilting or sharp. Use a solid color/lighter weight thread in the bobbin unless you are stitching something that is meant to be decorative on both sides. Small spools, 164 yds, $1 Large spools, 547 yds: $3
YLI Silk thread, #100 wt. Beautiful, lustrous silk is the #1 choice for applique. It is so fine that it literally disappears in the fabric. For hand or machine work. Use an embroidery needle. $2 each
YLI Machine Quilting thread, 40 wt/3 ply. Meant to be seen! Use when you want to see your quilting stitches, not just leave an impression. Use a Topstitch size 90/14 needle and loosen the top tension. Use a lighter weight thread in the bobbin. $3 each
YLI Hand Quilting, 500 yds. This glazed thread makes threading needles easier and keeps the thread from tangling. $2 each

Patterns have been bundled up and are being sold as grab bags. Some are 5 patterns for $3 and some are 7 patterns for $3. As I said last week, it’s time to make them go away! They are selling well so grab a bag of patterns while you can.

    When I look around the beadroom I realize things really are moving faster than I thought they would—remember, nobody ever puts their seed beads or Delicas on sale, let alone marks them at 50% off. Stock is way down but we had a huge inventory so you can still choose from a good variety of sizes and colors.
    Many of the fixtures are sold but there are still some shelves and fabulous glass display cases. We had several of these cases grouped together, showing off the beautiful samples made by our beading teachers. But they are really a nice size for home display. You can pick up assorted plastic bins/baskets, hanging displays, silk plants, stands—all kinds of things we used in the shop and at shows.
   Speaking of teachers, for years we have been THE spot to take wonderful classes, share information and resources in the quilting and beading world. Many of you are asking how to reach my staff for classes, quilting, repairs and more once our doors are closed. So, we are sharing information about teachers and staff who have something to offer after Monica's. Mary, Rose Mary, Hester, Cheryl, Theresa, Letty, Vanessa and Delia are eager to stay connected with you. Click here to download a file you can print and save sharing what they're doing, how to get on their mailing lists, etc.
    So, come on in, take a peek, say hello & share a Monica’s memory or two while we are still here! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the store.

 NEW HOURS:                    Thursday through Saturday 10-3.

PLEASE CALL THE SHOP AND CHECK BEFORE YOU COME. We don’t want anyone disappointed or upset if you come and we are closed.


    Happy creating--


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