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Just a reminder: Shorter hours this week

Monica's Message
A Message from Monica
(760) 772-2400

Hi, Everyone
    I just wanted to remind you that we are going to a shorter hours this week.
                                 Thursday through Saturday 10-3.

     Don't be fooled by the empty walls as you pull up! We still have wonderful things available in both the bead and quilt rooms--at drastically reduced prices. The samples are off the walls and for sale, fixtures and display items are priced to find a forever home in your workroom. Please help us spread the word about our official status and hours. Lots of rumors are floating around--some are pretty funny! The website is also fully up to date, including "Open" days showing on the calendar page. (Note from Mary: if you spot something I missed, please contact us! Thanks.)                 

   I was having nightmares about people coming to the shop on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and finding us closed! So....

PLEASE CALL THE SHOP AND CHECK BEFORE YOU COME. We don’t want anyone disappointed or upset if you come and we are closed.


    Happy creating--


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