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We're still here--bargains to be had!

Monica's Message
A Message from Monica
(760) 772-2400

Hi, Everyone
   Well! This week’s messages is a few days behind. I got so wrapped up in what I was doing at home that I forgot to write it! (And Mary reminded me she was out of town, so it wouldn’t have gone out even if I’d sent it to her on time. Guess I didn’t need to confess…LOL)
    Although everything in the shop is moving out the door quickly there are still lots of reasons to come in and say good-bye to Monica’s. We still have novelties, florals, batiks and blenders left on the quilt side. This is the time to fill in any “gaps”in your collection—when I look at my fabric at home, I see lots of medium and dark values, but not too many lights. I tend to buy bright colors and then have trouble putting together a group of fabrics for a quilt without making a trip to the quilt shop. I also put off finishing quilts because, after all the work of creating the top, sometimes I just want to use one large piece of fabric for the back—but I don’t usually buy large pieces. That means I either have to piece the back or….go to the quilt shop. Come see us while we are still here—at $6 a yard you can’t go wrong. I’ve noticed that some of you are looking for the biggest bolts and buying 6 yards--smart move. This is definitely the time to take advantage of me!
    Over in the bead room seed beads, gemstones and pearls are dwindling but not gone. Now’s the time to think ahead to holiday events and gifts. There’s no better time to stock up on findings. When we close, it will be back to shopping online for good quality jewelry-making supplies. Dang. I'm really not looking forward to that….
    The shop does look empty when you come in the door—the walls are empty and fixtures are leaving. There are plenty of deals to be had on merchandise, fixtures and display items—come in and see what’s still waiting for a good home!
   I do appreciate all the cards and emails I’ve been getting—it means a lot to know that you will miss this wonderful shop as much as I will. And I thank all of you for taking time to wish my “girls” and me your best. It’s like a family here and we are all heartbroken that the community won’t have Monica’s as a gathering place. Some of my staff have been working/teaching here for 30 years or more!
   Everyone is asking when my last day will be--my lease is up on July 31, so I’m not really in a hurry to move out. I do think the fabrics will be gone by the end of April/beginning of May--quilters might wanna come in and take a last look around. I think the bead room will take longer so I’ll probably be here for a while--most likely with shorter hours and less staff. We’ll keep sending out this weekly blast to keep you posted.


     Our hours this week continue to be:
                    Monday thru Saturday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
    Happy creating--


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