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Retirement Sale: New markdowns!

Monica's Message
A Message from Monica
(760) 772-2400

Hi, Everyone
    I hope everyone’s paying attention this beautiful Sunday morning and noticed that my message is in your box early this week. We are taking things a week at a time. That means all my fabulous, loyal "girls" are letting me know at the last minute when they are available to work the following week. We throw the schedule together quickly via text message, take Sunday off to recoup and get ready to open the doors Monday morning at 10am--until further notice!

    There are plenty of wonderful things in the shop but the fabric is well over half gone so I’m reducing the fabric to $6 a yard! Here's the pricing this week:

    All kinds of fixtures and display items are available. Y'all made a pretty good dent in them last week but there are plenty more good deals to be had. Fabric shelving, bead room display cases, bead racks, jewelry stands, decorative display items--Mary and Judy photographed these last week so the selection may be different when you come in, but, just to give you an idea...yes, I know the price tags are too small to read but you will like the prices! (no further discount off marked price on these)
Left: we've started bundling bolt ends, grouped to be compatible. Most are large pieces of fabric--less than 1/2 yard.

Right: Remember "Spidey" from the quilt run? We have the pattern available, including the fusible foundation that makes this a super quick and simple block. $1 each!

  Remember, we add samples to the sale when a pattern, book or kit sells out. Some items belong to me, a teacher or the pattern maker, but If you see something you like that isn't for sale, ask about it. If it will be sold eventually, we'll put your name and phone number on it and let you know when it's available.
     Our hours this week continue to be:
                    Monday thru Saturday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
    Happy creating--


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