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Labor Day Bake Sale, September Strip Sale!

Monica's Message
A Message from Monica

Hi, Everyone.
     Patric and I are still on the road--had my last visit with Mom before leaving Idaho today. So wonderful to see her and other family members. Each year these visits are more precious.
     We are usually closed on Labor Day, but my staff took matters into their own hands this year. Not only are we open, but they decided to have a sale (and I thought I was in charge!) LOL
     So, they told me not to write much or worry about sharing anything that came in last week. It's too hot to do anything but sew and make jewelry, so read on to see what they put on sale!
     The Bake Sale is just one day and in the stop only, but we are Strippin' all month long, on line and in the shop.
     Happy Labor Day, happy shopping, and we hope to see you soon.

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labor day bake sale

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