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A Message from Monica

Good Morning--
   Yes, Evelia and I are flying back today. We thought about staying longer, but after eating and drinking for a whole week we figured it might be best to come home while we could still walk and not waddle!
   I must say my wonderful staff handled everything perfectly while I was gone. Miguel took over not one but two different quilt guild talks. What a great guy he is! And a big thanks to Cheryl who helped him out. I also heard that with Mary’s help Miguel had a secret sale last week! Hope everyone took advantage of it.
    This coming week is BIG. It’s the last chance to donate to our Bra and Panty drive. You can help out some folks in need and earn chances to win one of two gift certificates to the store. Remember our Holiday Party is this Saturday—the earlier you come in, the more you save. See What’s Happening below for all the information. We will hold the drawing for our gift certificate winners at 12:00 pm--I know the ad says 10 am, but I changed my mind!
   pearls  It's already week 10 of our Celebrate the Season event. This is your chance to stock up on items you need as the holidays approach. Take 15% off all pearls and the Clover travel iron.If you've been collecting stamps on your License to Shop, be sure to stop in each week between now and Christmas to increase your chances in our drawing.clover travel iron
    We offer great classes every day of the week. Click here to download the 4th quarter newsletter, and here to see all of our classes on the web site. Click here for the 1st Quarter 2019 newsletter. Our beading classes are offered every Tuesday and Thursday, but did you know we often have them on Saturdays, too? Click here to see our calendar.
Read on to see What's Happening, What's New and to learn more about our sewing and jewelry making classes.

   Come see us--hope to see you soon!

What's Happening
Celebrate the season banner
celebrate rules
celebrate sale shart
Bra and underwear drive
Holiday Party
Road to California

What's New
Fine Tuning panel
 Fine Tuning from Quilting Treasures is a symphony of color and prints. ©Dan Morris created a sophisticated and savvy collection for any music aficionado. Just as it's hard to pick a favorite song, it's even harder to pick a favorite print in this new collection! We have a panel and 6 prints. fine tuning toss 
With Love A little love is shared in every print from the With Love collection by ©Turnowsky for Quilting Treasures. 9 bolts of dazzling hearts dancing in these pretty prints--so perfect to share with the one you adore. Think little outfits for little sweethearts, a loving quilt project, or...all you need to do is make it With Love.
Need an easy gift? How about a charm! We have a nice selection of sterling silver charms--add to an existing bracelet, dangle from a new one, include in a slip stitch crocheted necklace or hang from a chain.
 All of our classes through March, 2019 are up on the website.  Click here for the 4th Quarter Newsletter and here for the 1st Quarter Newsletter. Here are some of the new jewelry classes we've added--all new classes are on our Home page. See them by clicking here.
Letti earrings
Capture crystals with 2-hole beads while making Theresa's Letti Earrings.
coil knot bracelets
Dessie will teach you to make two different bracelets using the Coil Knot
multi-strand leather

 Learn to work with multiple strands of leather while making these cool bracelets with Dessie.

Chenille stitch your way to a fun, dimensional bracelet using drop beads. It's the Wanda Bracelet with Theresa.

Classes, Classes, Classes!
We offer classes for all skill levels and interests. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, you'll find something to get your creative juices flowing at Monica's. Our teachers are experienced and passionate about their craft. To see all of our current classes, click here.

On The Quilt Side
Choose one of these Class Categories to see what's being offered this quarter

raw edge landscape beginning quilt making  
foundation piecing
We offer applique classes in several techniques and styles, including finished edge, raw edge, improvisational, fused and more.
The Basics
Here you will find classes for  beginning quilt making and beyond, free motion quilting, sewing machine care and more.
Quilt Classes
These classes cover a wide variety of techniques and styles. They may use a pattern or encourage you to think outside the box, introduce you to a tool or technique using your machine or by hand. 
 poppins bag  Aloha dress bead embroidery on fabric
 camden bowls Other Sewing Projects
From clothing to bags all kinds of great things in between! Expand your sewing knowledge and come away with something both useful and pretty.
diva frame wallet

On The Bead Side
Each of our teachers has their own style and focus. They are always trying new techniques, tools and products to offer you classes using the latest and greatest in the bead world. Choose one of these class categories to see what's being offered this quarter--and, our class dates are flexible! Call the shop to schedule something on a different day.

The Basics

 knotting beading 101B
Choose Wire 101 or Wire 102 to learn basic wirework skills. These courses are prerequisites for Patricia's wire classes.
Knotting or Stringing with Patricia are great first steps in the art of jewelry making. Begin your beading adventure with any of Theresa's Bead Weaving projects. You can learn peyote, brick stitch, ladder stitch, herringbone and ndbele in these introductory classes with Theresa. 
We offer over a hundred different jewelry-making classes! Choose one of these categories to explore the variety of styles and skill levels in different areas of this exciting field.
 flat peyote leather bracelets Tatiana
Whether you want to make something simple or complex, Rose Mary and Theresa have projects for you. Macrame, coiled ropes, kumihimo, netting stitch, peyote, right angle weave, bead embroidery, bead crochet, loomwork, contemporary geometric beadwork--the list goes on!
Pair leather with beads, chain, tassels, cabachons. Dessie will teach you to set rivets, sew on leather--make it elegant, edgy or organic to suit your style.

From simple wire wrapped cabachons to encasing beads in elaborate viking weave, Patricia will guide you to make pieces you will be proud to wear.