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Blonde Choker

Even though it’s called the Blonde Choker, you can make it any color you’d like. Beads, chain, tassel, pendant—voila! You can easily change the look with a new tassel and pendant.

Dessie may teach more than one class on her teaching days. The first 2 students to register determine what is taught that day. If you register on line we will call you to confirm your choice. Note: Our flexible schedule means that recent changes at the shop may not be reflected on line! Please don’t sign up on the website a day or two before class--give us a call to make sure there is a class and that there is room for you. Thank you.

Our jewelry class dates are flexible! We’ll work with you to schedule any of our classes on a different date—call us at (760) 772-2400 Monday thru Saturday, 9:30 to 5:30, Sunday, 11-4.
Skill Level:
Skill Details:
Confident beginner and beyond
Instructor Name:
Dessie Cullen

Blonde Choker

$ 35.00